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I feel bad when It's been over a day since I last updated! It's like an addiction or something.

Well, the last days have been really busy and I've had a lot on my mind.. Some things is easier to handle then others, but I'm positive that it will all work out eventually!

Yesterday I went into Bremnes with some girl, and used money I don't have:P Heh. Me and Birgitte discussed it earlier, and found out that we could just look around and not buy anything... Well, didn't to as planned but I don't regret;) Had a lot of fun with them and it's good getting out of here from time to time, it does feel a bit crowded sometimes... But I love the house that I live in :)

AND oh, I got my test results back and I'm the first officially person on this island that has had the swine flu, historical! Well, at least I'm immune now...:)

The school arranged an 80's night and I felt really lame for not participating but I was exhausted! One of the downsides after the Sflu, I get so tired quickly and can barely do anything before It feels like I've run a marathon.. Really sucks actually.

And... When I feel like that, It's nice to be able to do nothing :P And I mean like.. Nothing.. What I've been doing today? Painting a picture, made a bracelet... Some of the others are making a dress, knitting, making small cards. It feels weird- that it's what we actually have as class today, heh. Well, can't complain about stress today at least. :)