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Oh that's right I have a blog :p  Well, I have been real busy lately with work and other activities so motivation for blogging has been like zero.

Nothing much have happend here since last time. Ivy is great to have with me to work, she is awesome with the children, good around the animals so on...

Other "exciting" news  from work... Monday I was out riding alone by the road when a truck came speeding next us, I saw it coming and that it was slowing down and knew how the horse would react to it so tried to hurry into a small road, just as we turned in the truck passed us, scared the horse who tossed me of eventually, I was dragged a few meters before I saw the horse running off... Needless to say I was scared and shocked- Came from it okay with bruises on my back, thighs and leg and a head concussion and a really sore neck. Could have been worse, I'm just glad the horse was okay and I was okayish. (No, no picture coming from how I look lol.)

Other then that things are pretty slow here.. I've spend the day moving furniture around,  and have Isa and Shabtay here while Jen is away atm (Ivy is on easter vacation! Returning tomorrow luckily!) so I certainly have enough to do!

Yesterday was april fools day, and I manage to trick a few :P Almost felt mean, but always fun ^^  Sowwy to the ones I woke up =)

There's been some difficulties with what I'm going to do after the summer... I'm disappointed on how things have gone, too old for one alternative- Too young for the other one and so on and right now just confused  I guess. I'm liking the one day at the time strategy best right now ^^