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Worst blogger ever award...

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... Goes to me! I'm not even good on keeping my own blog updated anymore, shouldn't be so hard tbh- But well. It's me huh?

I've been working 9am- 3-pm today and when I got home I got a nice phone call asking me if I could make a schedule for "my children" (Oh did I forget to mention? I got a new job!) Well, from 2 March I will be teaching children in something called Cultural Workshop, an after school program for children from 6-9 and 9-12 years old, I have two groups- 6-9 years old with another "teacher" while the 9-12 years old are "my children". I met them for the first time last evening, and I think this will be a fun and rewarding job =)

And not only that, but if things goes as it seems to be going now I might become editor for a dog magazine, so with other words- I should also be making a few examples on frontpage and layout and so on.  And if I would put in what ells I have planned for the next few months I think a few people out there would kill me, saying I'm overdoing it and stuff. But better to be a busy bee then a lazy bee huh? 

And as long as I get this everyday- I'll make it!

(I think I'm just going to keep ignoring my surroundings right now, and the fact that I have a highly under stimulated Collie right now.. Right, get this done and out for a walk with her!)