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So, it's taken a while before I actually even thought about my blog.. But, it's time to blog a bit from our wonderful trip :) It was sooo nice down there! The weather, the people (Tho, a bit intense on the selling part:P Dragging us around everywhere lol- "come and see my shop" probably one of the sentences we heard the most!) We had some great adventures down there as well, and it was relaxing and nice :)

Lol, A lot of pics from our trip to the zoo- Tbh, we didn't use the camera much :P Shame, and a lesson for next vacation :)

Other then that it's back to reality... It was good to get back home to Ivy and my kittens, I missed them sooo much! Ohh.. I forgot to tell what our "main activity" down there was :P So.. Everyone who knows me knows how I feel about animals... And around our hotel was a nice park- with loots of skinny skinny cats, so after every meal we had we went to the park to feed the cats with the leftovers, a few strange looks from people- but who cares! It made the cats really happy :)

Yesterday we had a visit from Ivy's breeder and the owner of her halfbrother, it was soo nice to meet them :) Ivy enjoyed herself with the company and it was good to talk some Collie ;)
Unfortunate she is still out of her coat, so no showing for atleast half a year.

This weekend is all about dogshow, in Oslo. Its been a bit since last time, so will be fun :)

I'm not feeling 100% atm, cant wait before these weeks have gone by! Soon it's autumn , one of my fav seasons:)