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Just.. Random.

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Yeah, I'm jumping back and forth. But mostly because I can't decide if I should do this in Norwegian, or English... But dunno probably both:)

I was about to write that things were going okay here. But it's not.. It hasn't been for a while, but things seem to be going better. Why is it with life that when u don't want anything, it gives u something- When u are looking for it, it never appears - When u have something, another comes around? That is more or less what I feel I have in my life right now. Probably what would describe it best way.

"my only problem with you is that you're so obsessed with doing the right thing, that you some times don't do the -smart- thing"

I have no idea if the things I am doing is the right choice, in general. The decisions I'm making... But someone special told me the other day that the right choice was not always the smart one. Doing things correct is not always what is the best.

Okay, I should be making my room ready for inspection instead I'm trying to write a crappy blog! Back to what I should be doing...