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Yeah, just my luck.

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So. The happiness lasted for 5 hours! My first drive alone ended in this

Totally awesome. I had my first car for FIVE whole hours before it was wrecked! Don't think my dad was counting on this... Me neither.

I passed out, and as the car drove out of the road the right wheels hit the edge of the road it tipped around and rolled over twice (Like totally around over on the roof of the car then back) And in some miraculous way everything went fine with both me and the baby, I was so worried about my dogs- Ivy was on the backseat with a tumbledryer, and when I got out of the car I couldn't see her... Ofc I thought the worst at once, but she got out of it without a scratch as well... I'm going to send a big flower as thank you for the nice people who took both of my dogs to the vet's and checked them for injuries while I was been taken to the hospital.
Let me just say- Hospitals sucks. EVERYTHING in here sucks. Big time ;p

But. I'm just glad it all went okay... And I'm not going to drive again in a long time!