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Goals? Yeah.

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So, one of my goals was to be awake and out of bed before 10 am each morning... Well, it doesnt count if I wake up, do what I have to do and then return to bed :P ? Woke up way too early and went to a meeting to talk about going back and finishing school after summer. When I came back I was so tired that I decided to take a "nap"... Yeah.. Not smart. I'm not even going to mention when I actually woke up, but I think I was lacking sleep, or a bit at least :p
Yesterday I decided also to have a phone free day! (Okay so I didn't decide that, I kinda forgot my phone, and then I couldn't find it and when I did find it- The battery was flat...) And i realized how addicting a phone actually is- Probably every five minute while I was in the city I thought about txt'ing someone or calling about something or just checking my phone randomly. I think back 10-12 years ago when people didn't have cellphones as today, or didn't use it as actively as today. Kinda sad, being so addictive to something electronic, guess it's kind of the same thing with the computer- I would probably be in panic if my laptop died and my backup is still on prison-island-school!

Okay so enough rambling for today! A friend of mine is arriving later today, and tomorrow it's time for dogshow! I haven't been on one since before island school, with Mali actually so it's going to be fun tomorrow- Time to brush the dust out of my exhibition clothes =)

(And I seriously need to cut down on my coffee drinking, I'm drinking like 7-8 cups everyday. Caffeine ftw? Sigh)