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Good day!

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Someone told me once that I could be like the sunset, everytime you expect the colours you have seen before, a new shade appear. 

I think I like it =)

Now it's time for some shopping, and meeting friends ^^

Yeah.. So I have a blog right?

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I've been told to updated more often :/ Apparently it's not fun to stalk me unless I actually update my blog!  And oh yeah... It's not possible to comment on my blog either, I've been recoding it and somehow I manage to code it so it's not possible to comment.. It's actually been like this for closer two months, I'm just slow on actually doing anything about it.. I cba a bit since the comments needs to be accepted by me first so most comments never came out anyway :P

So, the last days haven't been that exciting. We've had visit here from my guy last weekend and Ivy misses him- I'm actually a bit surprised how quickly she gets attached to some people and how she actually shows that she misses someone. I've never thought about it, but next dog is going to be a male one who won't betray me as she does :p

So! I have no week goals to start a new and better life or something crappy like that. This 1 week goal is-

- Be out of bed before 10 am every morning, even if I'm not working ( And out of bed.. Meaning out of bed. I have a habit of making myself coffee then drinking it sitting in bed with my laptop, not very smart since I'm probably the most clumsy person ever but hey, it's been okay till now - GIMME SOME CREDIT PEPPS!) 

- Groom Ivy every fucking day. We are going to an exhibition in only two months, and she is not even showing signs on getting a decent coat by  then... Well, it's for fun riiight? (Yes, I am a bad looser, but it's good training for me!)

- Train Ivy properly 3 times this week, we have as goal to compete this spring but with me not being strict enough with myself and train her properly we wont be doing that in a long while.

- HAVE FUN! I'm going to a birthday party- Well from Friday to Sunday and It's going to be fun fun fun.. I need to be more social I think. People are complaining:/ 

- Spend less time in front of the computer, yes I do waste a lot of time in front of it. No secret there:/ 

Okay I think that is enough goals for one week huh?