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Motivation please!

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I really need some motivation so make food/ clean around here a bit. I've not been feeling good today and more or less been sleeping all day... So just as I was about to start with the cleaning (Let's face it. I have to plan->make coffee-> Find 100 other things to do -> Then maybe maaaybe start.)
I got a link to this page!

I mean, suddenly my own place looks awesome, no need to do anything for a few more days!


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I've been redecorating a bit in the livingroom last week, quite please with the result!

And not only that, but I set up the tvtable all by myself! (Let's not talk about all the thingies that was left since I kinda only followed the instruction book halfway then gave up and did it my way:P!) It's without doubt the last time I EVER build something like that again.