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Tomorrow is Lyra's first dog show. It's over two years since Ivv's first dogshow and it's sooo long since I've shown my own dog! It will be fun- And I really hope she behaves. I have to admit, she gets away with a lot, she is the last puppy I will have in years and I want to keep her a puppy as long as possible... But I really think I need to set some rules soon, before she thinks its okay walk on the table and such:p

So today it's all about grooming grooming grooming... I've done this so many times, with different dogs, different breeds etc- But I've never had a puppy with so much strong will like Lyra. So it's all about taking a lot of breaks, and lots of treats. I don't want her to find it boring, and I dont want to break her strong will. Pictures tomorrow :)