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oh what a night...

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I should have learned by now! Walking, with the dogs in the middle of the night for one last walk before bed... As usual we walk to a field around 600-700 meter from the house. Stupid me ofc forgot to make sure the cats were inside, and while we were walking on the field, pit dark I suddenly hear something meowing behind me. Damn it... Simin, following us! She likes walking with me and the dogs, since she never leaves the garden otherwise. The dogs were loose, Ivy knows better then running after our cats, while the puppy thought of course it was birthday and x-mas on the same time, A TOY WHO RUNS! YEAH! Awesome. It took me almost two minutes to get her to stop chasing my poor kitten, and when I got her back on a leash, I could not see the kitten (Hard to see anything in the middle of the night..) and could not hear her, she always responds me when I call on her. So, I decided to go home and hope that she would follow. Walked slowly back home while calling on her, and when we got back- No Simin. What to do next? I couldn't just leave her out there, and if she was still on the field, that would mean she had to walk alone 600-700 meters by road alone. No way.. So, as afraid as I am of the dark (Alone, very afraid actually) I decided to go back to the field without the dogs, and stood there calling for her for almost 10 minutes without answer- Then finally from the other side of the field I heard her meowing, and there was no way I was going to let her walk beside me home and she was more the happy to be carried home :) I don't think I would have slept tonight if didn't return at once!
So lesson learned. ALWAYS be sure the cats are inside and not following me on walks