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Finally here!

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I have finally moved in! After an exhausting weekend, it was so good to sit down on my own couch yesterday! I was so tired and fell a sleep there :P And unfortunate I'm still not done ofc. I'm so not going to move in a long long time, I totaly forgot how much work it is! Talking about work- I'm working today and can not believe what I was thinking when I said yes... After a weekend with moving, and first day in my new place and I say yes to work? Crazy... Had to get up early too so I could get a bit done before work, I know I'm going to be dead tired when I get back from work and me and Ivy are expecting a visitor tomorrow so It kinda need to look okay here atleast =)

Still a few more things I need to buy today/tomorrow and my washing machine wont be arriving before saturday so this will be a fun week (Or not...)