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Saturday night- No fever crap!

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Yesterday was the last time me and I saw my guy for a few months, he's leaving for China so will be a some distance I guess :P     And being the dogperson I am, how do I handle things I don't like?  What do I do? Groom. Ofc ;) I've probably spend a few hours grooming Ivy now, and eating ice cream with her so she's happy! (She likes vanilla ice cream..! )  It certainly was time for it as well! 

Meh. I don't like asia much right now^^ 

Nom nom

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The last days..

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So I'm sick... AGAIN. Come on! How often am I suppose to get a cold :/ ? Meh. On Saturday I was at a dogshow- The first one in MONTHS. God as I've missed it! Me and Kristine Mali had to wake up way too early (Well, I slept like.. One hour? heh.) and was in the car a bit over 5 am, and god what a weather! Snowstorm and driving the awful road to a place called Bø- Where the dogshow was held.

Well, it was worth getting a cold, waking up before it's humanly possible.. Meeting the people, showing dogs and have fun. It was really worth it all! Next time will be International show in Bergen- 515 km! Crazy, and I love it =)

Kinda forgot that I brought my pocked camera with me so very few pictures.. And the best ones is taken with my phone, haha.

Well yeah, so I'm sick! Go me again. 15 hours sleep everyday ftw... :/   OOooooooh! I've complained lately that I don't have my own showdog and stuff. That might change soon =)

Goals? Yeah.

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So, one of my goals was to be awake and out of bed before 10 am each morning... Well, it doesnt count if I wake up, do what I have to do and then return to bed :P ? Woke up way too early and went to a meeting to talk about going back and finishing school after summer. When I came back I was so tired that I decided to take a "nap"... Yeah.. Not smart. I'm not even going to mention when I actually woke up, but I think I was lacking sleep, or a bit at least :p
Yesterday I decided also to have a phone free day! (Okay so I didn't decide that, I kinda forgot my phone, and then I couldn't find it and when I did find it- The battery was flat...) And i realized how addicting a phone actually is- Probably every five minute while I was in the city I thought about txt'ing someone or calling about something or just checking my phone randomly. I think back 10-12 years ago when people didn't have cellphones as today, or didn't use it as actively as today. Kinda sad, being so addictive to something electronic, guess it's kind of the same thing with the computer- I would probably be in panic if my laptop died and my backup is still on prison-island-school!

Okay so enough rambling for today! A friend of mine is arriving later today, and tomorrow it's time for dogshow! I haven't been on one since before island school, with Mali actually so it's going to be fun tomorrow- Time to brush the dust out of my exhibition clothes =)

(And I seriously need to cut down on my coffee drinking, I'm drinking like 7-8 cups everyday. Caffeine ftw? Sigh)

Good day!

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Someone told me once that I could be like the sunset, everytime you expect the colours you have seen before, a new shade appear. 

I think I like it =)

Now it's time for some shopping, and meeting friends ^^

Yeah.. So I have a blog right?

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I've been told to updated more often :/ Apparently it's not fun to stalk me unless I actually update my blog!  And oh yeah... It's not possible to comment on my blog either, I've been recoding it and somehow I manage to code it so it's not possible to comment.. It's actually been like this for closer two months, I'm just slow on actually doing anything about it.. I cba a bit since the comments needs to be accepted by me first so most comments never came out anyway :P

So, the last days haven't been that exciting. We've had visit here from my guy last weekend and Ivy misses him- I'm actually a bit surprised how quickly she gets attached to some people and how she actually shows that she misses someone. I've never thought about it, but next dog is going to be a male one who won't betray me as she does :p

So! I have no week goals to start a new and better life or something crappy like that. This 1 week goal is-

- Be out of bed before 10 am every morning, even if I'm not working ( And out of bed.. Meaning out of bed. I have a habit of making myself coffee then drinking it sitting in bed with my laptop, not very smart since I'm probably the most clumsy person ever but hey, it's been okay till now - GIMME SOME CREDIT PEPPS!) 

- Groom Ivy every fucking day. We are going to an exhibition in only two months, and she is not even showing signs on getting a decent coat by  then... Well, it's for fun riiight? (Yes, I am a bad looser, but it's good training for me!)

- Train Ivy properly 3 times this week, we have as goal to compete this spring but with me not being strict enough with myself and train her properly we wont be doing that in a long while.

- HAVE FUN! I'm going to a birthday party- Well from Friday to Sunday and It's going to be fun fun fun.. I need to be more social I think. People are complaining:/ 

- Spend less time in front of the computer, yes I do waste a lot of time in front of it. No secret there:/ 

Okay I think that is enough goals for one week huh? 

Worst blogger ever award...

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... Goes to me! I'm not even good on keeping my own blog updated anymore, shouldn't be so hard tbh- But well. It's me huh?

I've been working 9am- 3-pm today and when I got home I got a nice phone call asking me if I could make a schedule for "my children" (Oh did I forget to mention? I got a new job!) Well, from 2 March I will be teaching children in something called Cultural Workshop, an after school program for children from 6-9 and 9-12 years old, I have two groups- 6-9 years old with another "teacher" while the 9-12 years old are "my children". I met them for the first time last evening, and I think this will be a fun and rewarding job =)

And not only that, but if things goes as it seems to be going now I might become editor for a dog magazine, so with other words- I should also be making a few examples on frontpage and layout and so on.  And if I would put in what ells I have planned for the next few months I think a few people out there would kill me, saying I'm overdoing it and stuff. But better to be a busy bee then a lazy bee huh? 

And as long as I get this everyday- I'll make it!

(I think I'm just going to keep ignoring my surroundings right now, and the fact that I have a highly under stimulated Collie right now.. Right, get this done and out for a walk with her!)

Horse showjumping

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How do I spend my sunday? Waking up 8.30 am (3 hour with sleep ftw!) to go and watch a showjumping competition. And freeze. A lot... It was fun tho, lil brother was there competing and did quite well. After this day I concluded with that yes, I do miss the fun part- And no I would never want to go back to horses. I think.  :P ...

Ivy was ofc with me, she was impressing- Only been to a stable twice in her life and loves the horses.

Lil bro warming up

And a picture of him and his horse before the camera died

Ivy paying close attention while they were competing, again impressing me. Not barked once and behaved so nicely!

What do we do 01.48 am?

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