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Giving up?

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I think I'm giving up. And kind of accepting that I'm here. I'm redecorating my room, to make it a bit more home I guess. I've just been thinking that I'm going to stay here to Christmas time, taking one month at the time. Not having my dog has been soo hard, too hard. But I realized that I might not have her here for this year, and that I want to be here when school finish up in May. I'ts weird and one way breaks my heart to think of. But I guess it's just something I have to do.

So. Back to my room. I'm liking it better now, much better actually! I have even decided to hang up some pictures and get Ivy's ribbons and stuff. I think my room might have been one of the most boring room around here heh. I'll take a picture when it's done.. Just have to do something with the curtains, they are driving me crazy, seriously- ugh.