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Non stop

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It's silly and stupid but I eat only the pink and purples non stops:P It's my favourites ^^ Always pick out the others :p

I miss my dog :(

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I miss my dog so much right now! I have been given the opportunity to have her here for a few weeks, but I'm not sure. It's not like I wouldn't give anything to travel tomorrow and get her, but more to do with how it will be after- It's just for a few weeks and then it's back to the usual again, her far away and me here. I hurts to think that if I don't get her here now it will be so long til I see her, and it's like cry-before-falling-a-sleep miss her, it's incredible silly and I know it... But I've had her since she was a small puppy, and can't help it :/ She has been a such big part of my life to now and it's so weird not having her around me all the time :(

It's so bad I sometimes consider ending the school year.

Puppy Ivy trying out agility :)

She was the cuuutest little thing as a puppy

And how she loved snow!

She has a habit of sometimes just come close to me and lean her face on mine just to be close

We had lots of fun in winter time

But ofc she could just look beautiful too.

And well, she has never had trouble with her appetite...I think she is trying to hypnotise the cake to her here with Maren on her bday.

And she loves training and having fun.

God hos I miss her... Okay, enough Ivy spam for today!

*dry tears*

We are having so much fun!

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I love this lecture, and so does apparently every one ells! Look at them, we are all just so involved in this.

School on a saturday.

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Yes, and it's no joke. I'm sitting in class right now. We are going to sit now four hours and listen to a man talk. I love this -_- And the worst is that I actually have to pay attention since I'm going to write a summary afterwards for the rest of the school.

I went for a walk yesterday with Birgitte and Jan Ivar in the rain, NOT smart. Wtf is wrong with me? I should have not walked in the rain and I know now.. Learning from experience huh? I'm not used to the weather suddenly changing as it does here. I'm not use to all of this rain- But it's beautiful here. Even with the rain it's beautiful.

Isn't it weird how things can change with one sentence? With one short sentence things can change in a moment. Thoughts, opinions, decisions and everything can change with one sentence. And right now things kind of have change. I'm not sure about how I'm going to deal with it since everything is all new. Everything is new, and how can something change that much then? A bit deep, even for me so I'm going to leave it there.