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Just my luck

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I had one part left before I could take the driving exam- A security course on road... It means more or less to drive a whole day on crappy norwegian roads :P In my mind I was SURE it was the 27th... But for some reason I woke up yesterday way too early and checked my mail.. And guess who had mixed up the dates? Me ofc, it was yesterday - the 26th... NOT today, the 27th:P So It basicly meant that I had 4 minutes to be someplace 20 minutes away! I did ofc not make there in time, but smiling sweet when I arrived probably helped :P I'm glad they waited, if they hadn't- No driving exam on me ;)

Yesterday evening my inet thing broke down, or well the connection at the place I live at broke down- Lucky me eh? There's always SOMETHING... ALWAYS! (This also means that at home- I don't have cellphone connection either. It was kinda horrible, felt almost like being parted from the world- And specially hard because of one special person :)

How I've spend the time? Doing everything I should have done the last weeks:P Cleaning, tidying, reading, redecorating. All in all, it wasn't thaaat bad- Tho... I'm not hoping for it to happen again:p