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Suunny day!

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We have a new visitor, hopefully a little guy who will stay with us- But atm he's on probation =)

Me, Ivy, mr.X and Sili spent the whole afternoon outside in the sun, X needed a bath, and it was nice enough outside so he could dry off there, while I was sunbathing, Ivy highly busy with being sure no one would take her toys and Sili on fly hunting;)

Later I got someone at my door delivering flowers and chocolate! Really not expected something like that so was it was surprised but pleasant, ofc.. Made me sooo happy =) Best guy ever? Think so^^

Okay back to the puppy!

X is a fun little guy, lovable and cuddly and just sweet really. I was told he could be rough at times so we'll see how he is when he's house warm.. Heh.


Ivy in a nutshell... 

Just to show how "little" the pup is

Ivy enjoyed the hours outside very much=)

A tired pup, X sleeping in the sun after bathing and some grooming

Sili on fly hunt!


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No doubt who's the most amazingly awesome guy ever <3