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Mmm :)

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I'm going to bed so way to early these days... And waking up way too early ;)  But it's better then the way around tho! 

I probably had the longest day in months yesterday, coming home from one place- Walking the dogs then - Continuing to the other job ... But it was fun, so I can't complain :)

Everything is going quite smooth, the girls are doing fine at home while I'm working and usually I dont have long days (Home 3.20 pm..) So today we are going out for a long walk, and hopefully train a bit after.  I really really need to get my theory test for the drivers license taken soon, I'm about to die without being able to get anywhere at evenings. Neeeed to take it soon :) (Like I've said for the last... 7-8 months :P I'm slow. I know...)

Except from that everything is fine. A few weird things has happen recently, that made me think about my life in general. About what to do, persons involved in my life, my future and so on... Isn't it funny how one small thing can change a whole vision of something? I don't like being secretly in my blog, but oh well...

mmm bfast time!