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Super day

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My day startet early with a visit from Birgitte (a  good friend from the island school I dropped out off in dec) we had a nice day eating homemade dinner together then ending it with strawberries (The good ones, Norwegian;) )  Mr. X (Or Exit as I call him atm) had fun showing her his kangaroo jumps- I think he probably had more legs up in the air then down on the ground while she was here, but hey.. he's a cute one (Well, I won't be saying that in a few months- working  on that ofc:P!)

Well, there was a lot of stuff I didn't get to bring with me from the school- Including my SHOES! Now I feel complete again, and had to make sure they knew they were back home and still loved ;) Yes, I admit it. I do love shoes of all type, waay too much- but also working on that since my salary does not love shoes at all :(