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Merry Xmas everyone

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A few days since last time I blogged, and I wish I could say that I've been so busy that I couldnt get time to blog but tbh. I haven't done anything:P Watched loads of movies, out walking in the woods with Ivy and just doing xmas stuff. Been watching probably 10 disney movies, lol.

Me and Ivy are leaving tomorrow for T.heim, and ofc I havent even started packing. Bringing her with me always means more things too, and if will be so fun taking the bus back for 9 hours with her:P Luckily she is the sweetest dog and rarely causes any problems.

Ooh, I got some flowers today! Really nice ones too :)I dont think any girl dont appreciate flowers^^

heh, weird to think about, I found some old pictures of me, and my first collie- Sapeca. And now 19 years later, Collie is still part of my life :)