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So. Writing. Yeah...

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Okay so from time to time I do suck on actually writing in my blog =) Me and Ivy had company here for a few days and updating my blog isn't exactly first priority.

First to the apartment; I'm happy with it. I like it here- And it seems that Ivy is finally settling down okay too, she is better on being alone now but the thought of having another animal here with her has crossed my mind since she does not like being left alone here.. It's not like she howls or barks atleast but she just doesn't like it.

Other then that It's okay here. I don't regret leaving school yet and I feel like things are working out now- As they are suppose to.

=) My weekend has been used to see Avatar, a beautiful movie (I want to be blue!) and had a sick dog who cost me a lot of money because she apparently likes to eat small rocks -_- Oh well, she's better now so I'm not going to complain. Gave me a real scare!