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What to do?

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This sounds freaky for some perhaps, but I'm not sure how long I can take this... Not having Ivy around me that is. I've had her for one year in September, or that would say it would have been one year if I hadn't been here.

After so many years with dog training, exhibitions and just have dogs around me at all times I can't express how difficult it is now. I've been taking it like day for day now, and just kept saying to myself that it would get easier... But as more time goes, I suddenly started realising that no, it doesn't get any better. That I won't get to see her before Christmas holidays and I know that the two weeks with her then won't be enough. At all... Leaving her again isn't something I think I can do.

And I know. It's just a dog and all that.. But the thing is that she isn't just a dog, she is my dog. My precious Ivy, who I've spend the last year with cuddling, playing, training and having fun.

Just thinking of having her around me again, knowing that she is waiting for me when I walk in the door, knowing that she will come smiling to me as I walk in the door is enough to make me want to quit school- Ofc, I love it here. I love my school, the people and everything... It's just that I miss her more.


Ivy on the top of a mountain in Hardangervidda this summer.

Inspection day!

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And ofc my room has looked ready for inspection the whole week... Eh, or not :P Well, my room is okay now at least.

It's monday.. And for the first time in weeks, perhaps months I have no started the day with a cup of coffee, I have a feeling I need to slow down on the caffeine... It was actually quite good getting up at normal time and start the day early! And besides, haven't done so much yet of the day.

We have something called secret friend this week, we got a piece of paper with a name of a teacher or another student, I'm quite happy with my secret friend and have a few things planed :)