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Hot chocolate and cream in the middle of the night.

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Is nom nom:)

Had a really good day yday, was out driving for 5 hours (soon driving exam, and if I fail AGAIN I'll just never do it again :p Failing issues- yes.)

Bought new curtains for the kitchen, new table for the livingroom and ofc the dogs got their share too :) New toys, MonsterPuppy (Lyra...) Got a new leash, and a new exhibition leash as well since we are going to her first puppy show on sunday- Ivy has a white one with pink stones, so she needed something similiar ofc ;)

Other then that it's been a while since I've had a whole night of sleep. "Someone" likes keeping mommy awake during the night kicking, and if its like this already... I'm not looking forward to how it will be in 10 weeks:P