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Life without inet

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so, I went all "ooh have to be better at blogging bla bla bla" and guess what happen? I lost inet, ofc. The usb thingy broke so no I had to live for almost a week with no net! And for the ones who knows where I live, there isn't much to do there either, so my week has mostly been filled with a lot of sleeping and a lot of reading. Quite boring,  and it's not like I really have the opportunity to be social on week days because of work... So It's needless to say that when I got it back yesterday it felt like bday and xmas at the same time:p

It's okay at work, I've been a bit worried after I came back from easter vac, and going back on the horseback was not what I was looking forward too... But it was okay, after the first time alone it was back to normal, and I was actually like really concerned about it... It was weird, I'm not usually a wuss when it comes to that kind of stuff but guess that what happen really scared me or something.

IT'S SUNNY OUTSIDE!! No more jackets, and time for spring clothes:D Time to get tanned, sit out in the sun, beachs, boattrips, bbq party's! God as I love spring&summer =)