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I'm sick of one thing here. People who can't mind their own business. Why in the world does some people HAVE to be bothered with things they really have nothing to do with?? Why can't they just concentrate their own bussines? There are some people here who can't see their own mistakes, and instead concentrate on others. I have been realizing it for a long time, but today it was almost fun watching it happening how some gets so annoyed and makes such a fuss that it gets more annoying really then what the other person actually was doing. And ofc just those persons are always sucking up to everyone... Meh. Fake shallow people ftw!

Small place I guess, but still. Some people here REALLY need some to start thinking a bit more about them self and some less about others.

Well, I'm sitting on lecture right now and have it 'till 2 pm. After that I think we are going to work on something that we are going to show next week, we are going to have parent/visitor week here, and I don't need I to mention that I'm not really up for it? It's so much fun watching everyone look forward to that weekend and getting visitors and knowing that I'm going to be alone...

This is going to be a fun fun week. (Yes, I'm being sarcastic, I feel so positive lately! Heh. ^^)