Day plan!

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I have so much to do today! I don't even know where to start -_- I was woken up today- But it was kind of okay since Birgitte fixed water for my coffee and all. And want to know something ells that is funny? I woke up and it's two hours til dinner. (Or right now it's only 45 minutes left -_-.) I mean, wtf... I usually don't even eat breakfast the two first hours after waking up on a sunday and now I'm going to eat dinner already?!

Well, I have a lot to do today. I'm going to clean and wash in the common room, then start on my room. (That will take some time.) Then it's to start on my nails- I'm going crazy just looking at them! And then I have to start reading. Charlotte and me are going to take the stupid theory test for the car license this week sometime- So now I actually have to take it serious. I reaally need to take the license now, it's kind of now or never.

The only picture I have of myself as a child I think, expect from some pictures of me with our old Collies :)