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Ironicly I'm eating right now what I complained to be eating yesterday. This time more or less voluntarily.

Well, yesterday was fun! We watched a few movies, had fun and class was great. I have a few really good friends here, and I'm so glad I came to this place- Bømlo is great :) The place, the people, the teachers, the classes- It's all perfect and I can't wait to get 100% okay again so I can join in on all. Right now I have to miss classes and miss out on lots of fun and I hate it, I hate falling behind.

Well, it's friday today and me and a few other girls have a few things planned for this evening, so we do something fun this friday :) We have class on saturdays too, but don't have to get up so early :)

And yes, I'm still knitting. It calms me down and gives me something to do when we watch movies or talk and stuff, I aalways have to do something more, I can't watch a movie and not do anything ells, I'm to restless for that.

I love this song :)