Longing Stars

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We had to write a fairytale yesterday in class, and this is my fairytale.

Longing Stars

Once upon a time there was a boy who only wished one thing, and one thing only. He wanted the moon, he wanted the
shiny bright moon to be his own, that he alone could treasure it.

Every night before he went to sleep he looked out of the window, begging the moon to fulfill his wish and to take him away so it could be just him and the moon for all eternity.

" Oh moon dear moon, please come to me- Please be mine, from this night off and to eternity"

And every night he fell a sleep without an answer, with out knowing that the moon wanted to answer, that the moon wanted to be with the boy, that the moon wanted someone to spend the eternity with, so she didn't have to be alone night after night after night- That was the reason it always was shining so brightly, trying to attract someone to her.

But the moon had a sibling. The sun, the evil glaring Sun who cast a spell on his little sister the Moon. He wanted her to watch over the earth while he was sleeping, so he made her stay up all night alone and to be sure it happen he had cast a spell that made her wake up when he went to sleep and fall a sleep when he woke up. That way the Moon would never see the sunlight and always had to stay in darkness, in the shadows of the Sun.

One night the boy made a plan, he was going to steal the Moon. He wanted it so bad that he would do anything to get it.
As he watched the sun go down he snuck out of his house and quietly jumped over the fence running towards the horizon were the Moon was slowly rising as it was her turn to wake up.

" Oh moon dear moon, please come to me- Please be mine, from this night off and to eternity"

The sadness in the boy's voice was not to be avoid. The Moon looked down a tthe boy and knew that if she had a heart, it would be broken by hearing the boy pleading.
The Moon thought of every single way she could of how to answer him and suddenly knew it. Every time the boy pleaded her to be his she took a bit of herself on threw it out on the sky, and after a while the boy noticed and continue pleading over and over again the whole night long.

As the sun woke up and started rising he noticed something, he noticed that the Moon was smaller, and that there was small small parts of her all over the sky.
The Sun had never been so angry before, how dare she do that to herself and to mess up his pretty sky!
The Sun looked down at the boy who was looking up on the Moon going back to sleep, happy that for the first time in his life his beloved Moon had answered him.

The Sun decided that it was enough. He had heard about the boy's plead and about the Moons longing for someone to be with her and with one hard stroke the boy was suddenly in thousands of pieces, and all that was visible of him was the bright love he felt for the Moon. Out of no where every little piece that the Moon had taken from herself and threw out on the sky was now glowing, it was the boy who now was a part of the night.

The Sun had decided that he was going to be called Stars and every time he fell a sleep and the Moon woke up, the Stars would come and keep her company for all eternity. That way the Moon would never be alone, and the Stars would get
his wish.