Get up from bed? Naah

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It's 1.30 pm and I've been waken up like 3 times already :P I decided that since this was the last day of hdays I'm was not going to care about waking up in a particular time, and besides. The only plan for the whole day is like going to the store and that's it. Not much to do on an island on a saturday :)

I'm sitting here now with a cup of coffee and this is the last weekend I'm drinking coffee, well it's not like I'm going to stop completely- I NEED my morning coffee to be able to function out in the day, no way I'm giving that up! Buut since over the day I rarely drink less then 5 cups of coffee it might be a good thing to slow it down a bit... So from now on- Just morning coffee and that's all. (Ugh, sounds scary :( )

Well, time to actually get up from bed and eat some breakfast!