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School has started and we are back to our daily routines (Well, routines and routines..) And I'm tired as always lol. But well, it IS getting better:)
Today I've used my spare time designing.. It's been so long since I've done it and felt that it was on time again! I have been thinking for a while about making a logo for my stuff, kind of necessaries actually so I did it today, and I think the result is okay :)

I've had some rough couple of days but it's okay again now- Always light at the end huh? :) I'm so glad I have some amazing friends^^

There is only 19 days till my class travels to London, we got a schedule today over the musicals we will be seeing, or someone them;
Avenue Q
Sister Act
We Will Rock You (I'm not going to watch this one tho.)
Wicket (The only one I'm looking forward too tbh)
Billy Elliot

And some of the places we are going to is the Camden Market, Portebello market, The Globe (ofc..) St James park and the science museum.. Some kind of horror house and madame tussauds.. Thought non of those things is why I am looking forward to london :)

Well, that's it for today. Back to designing now!