So, no more coffee.

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Okay- It's not like I can really stop drinking coffee for good. Ofc not.. I would have died or something if I didn't get atleast some caffeine through a day. (Okay, I might over exagerate juuust a bit, heh) but I have had to cut down a lot and started drinking tea instead. I have never been a tea person- But desperate times and all that, heh.

I have been lazy on reading lately... So much other that have taken my time and my school doesn't even have a library -_- But I started on the Marked, first book on the House of Night serie. I didn't have high expections tbh... It's a book a bit on the Twilight road- But I almost have to say that I like the concept better then Twilight.
Very easy to read, I think I used max 5 hours reading the book in all, and going to start on the second book now ( That is the dangerous parts with those kind of books, even thought they aren't great- You need to know what is happening next.)

Not going to do much today :) Hope on having an easy going day.