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It's strange how things change so fast. In one moment, one decision and everything is changed.

I feel a lot better today then I did yesterday and right now I'm glad I'm here. Things have change and it's not the easiest for me, waking up as one thing and going to be as another:P Probably doesn't make sense for anyone, but meh. My blog and all of that :)

I seriously need to start getting more sleep, heh... 2-3 hours every night is certanly not enough, and when I woke up this morning I felt like killing myself! No one ells to blame then myself, tho it is easy staying up quite late with good company^^

No doing anything ells then rehearsing today, time goes quickly! We aren't everyone at the same time so get nice breaks during the day (So I can for example write in my blog.. :P )

So. My life isn't really exciting atm :P We have premiere on my bday 9 dec, and working hard towards it. Should probably start paiting the stage soon too! That will be.. Fun :P Those of you who have been around me during my "projects" knows how bad I suck on those kind of things, and how quickly I give up, heh. Pictures to come!