So New Years an all that.

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Okay so I tried another blog, but I dont really have motivation for any blog. And I always end up here :)

So to begin with, maybe a quick update? I'm moving! Not far but on time :) After I left the Island School I have been going a bit back and forth the past weeks- And It's going to be really really good having a place to call home again. My room on the island couldnt really be called home.

So I have a new apartment and start to move some of the stuff in this weekend and hopefully will move in myself on Monday or Tuesday, depends a bit on when I get my inet thing there. Not moving before I know that is fixed ;)

So new place means new furniture. Since my most adoring parents have given away a lot of stuff to my younger brother and his girlfriend that meant that most of my stuff was oh ups gone... But! I found out that was rather okay, since it got replaced by brand new stuff- Pictures later when I move in:)

Ivy is doing okay. I have to admit that I have done nothing ells then walking with her lately, no training anything. We are lazy atm and since she is running anytime it's probably for the best too.

So. A bit about coming back. How do I actually feel about this? I love it. Ofc I miss some people and such, but it's great coming back to "the real world". It feels as everything is falling on place right now, I found a great apartment 13 minutes from Tønsberg and everything around me is also great right now. I feel like a much happier person, I feel like I'm free again.

Last friday was party time, or clubbing :) Had a lot of fun, drama ofc but god how good it feels to be back, I still feel like I have months of drinking to catch up on^^