A weird day? Mini efit!

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Well... This can be qualified like a weird day for me, emotional or something? It started with getting up way too early (As always, or atleast this week) and continue with saying goodbye to bf who left for China today! 

(Oh, I just have to show this... I SO want one of the dogs to have bday soon! BDAY PARTY FOR DOGGIES:D )

Followed later, by lunch with Kristine (And Ivy ofc...) had a nice time, it was so good to taste coffee again!!! I don't think I've mentioned it- But I've cut down ALOT on my caffeine.. Drinking like. Non almost! Go me huh?

So, since I'm giving coffee up... I need something ells. And I've found tea quite okay actually- Surprisingly enough. And being me I had to go tea shopping! Mmm.

I met Jenny very briefly before taking the bus, then ferry over to Moss- Where I was meeting my new dogs- Who lives with me on breeding terms for the first time... And oh what a dog she was! Super happy, easy going and just... Perfect :) She and Ivy goes so well together, I couldnt be happier. The evening went to get to know her, go for walks and let her get familiar with her new home.

My pretty girls!

Jenny and Shabtay are spending the night over, the gang! 

So, why all the pictures? It was suppose to be EFIT day, (http://ettfotoitimmen.se/ ) but i gave up quickly tho... It's suppose to be one photo each hour thing.

Well... It's been a really long day both sad and happy day as well, and right now I'm just so exhauste tbh.