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Wow! My blog has really not been something I've even thought about the last months. At all! So maybe time for a quick update?

First. I passed the theory test for the driver license!! The final exam is only a few weeks away, finally :) I'm reaally happy with it, and was sure I would fail it, but with some support from great friends, I believed I could do it and decided to drop by and just take it- And it worked =)

There's been a lot of stuff going on the last weeks. I'm now working more or less full time at the farm- And I do love it there :) Ivy comes with me whenever I want, great place, great job with horses and as assistant for the children who goes to school at the farm.

It's spring! Finally. God as I love the time of the year- no more snow, no more cold long nights!

Some photos from the farm :)

It's a beautiful place :)

A few weeks ago me and Mali  had a roadtrip to Bergen, dogshow ofc... It was funny driving over the mountains, with summer tires:P Didn't dare to call my dad and actually ask if we had winter tires or not.. Maybe for the best! It was a great trip, and we came home with every win we wanted :)

And me and Jen has had our first bbq as well! I learned that no Lill, you do not need to use a half bottle of lighter fluid... It will only end up with a lawn fire:p But we had a great time :)

OH! And more news. A new family member :) This is Silisium- Daily called Sili :) She's a long coated little devil with sharp claws :P Ivy adores her, and so do I.

So! I think that was pretty much it^^ Oh. I'm single again! Came kinda sudden on me, but more I think about it, more I don't really mind at all =) I have some great friends who has helped me, took me away for the weekend to a dogshow.. Therapy for me :p   and I'm forever thankful for having them!  

Besides. It's spring, new times awaits me^^ 

Some random pics of Ivy, just because she is who she is.. The greatest :)