Good morning!

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I am awake, and eating bfast (oatmeal porridge even!) at 7 am. Those of you who know me knows that this is a rare thing to do, since I usually go to bed like 4-5 am, and woke up at 8.55 am before I grab the dogs with me and leave- and then get back home later and sleep :P NOT a good habit! So today's plan is to change it, and keep myself busy all freaking day.
Well, in my all-changed-lill day I was thinking of giving up coffee too- but that would be too optimistic and drastic. (I'm in progress tho, after 6 pm it's onle tea!)

It's actually not that bad being up at this hour and seeing the sun rising over the hYill :)
Ps: In my next life I'm not going to be a dogperson! God. Doghair
E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E seriously! So much for planning dogshows.