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A week or so ago, my mom told me that our cousin's wallet had been stolen during a movie. My cousin, unknowing, went home. Her phone rang. It was Discover. They asked her if she was trying to spend $1000 at Target. She said no, and checked her pocketbook. Sure enough, four credit cards had been stolen. Two minutes later, the phone rang. It was American Express, asking if she was purchasing anything for $1000 at Target. She said no, and they finally caught the thief. At this point, my mom turns around and gives me an intense look. "So what does this story teach you?" Put on the spot, I stammered, "Uh... Keep your pocketbook on your lap during movies?" My mom gave me a weird look. "No," she explained patiently. "After you steal someone's credit cards, don't make one huge purchase of $1000. Make several $200 purchases." Yes, my mom just advised me on how to steal a credit card. MLIA.