A new day of nothing.

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The first day someone brings you breakfast to bed it's fun. Same with second day. But now the third day it's just getting boring. Everything is kind of boring now, since I don't have many options I'm going to finish of my room today so it seems as someone lives here (And oh, the curtain project!) And then start editing some pictures I had promised myself and others to do for a while. Oh, and I got a folder with songs and with musicals that we can see when we are going on our class trip in November, it's going to be really fun I think.
I love my class! And missing them already. I can't believe I'm going to miss a whole week of whatever they are doing, and it feels like I'm falling behind already.

Well, enough complaining (Like I haven't been complaining enough the lately :P Not at all.) things could have been worse :)