Sleep? Overrated.

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Okay. So I'm sick. Or kind of. Last night at this time I was reaaally sick and sure that either the swineflu of the zombie would get me. Well, since non of them did and I'm still alive by now I'm thinking about all the things I could have done this week instead of being stuck here- So next week I'm going to have to do all the things I'm suppose to do now AND the things I'm already doing.
Tomorrow I'm going to fix up my room so it looks like there's a person living here and not a crack house, it wasn't really my priority while I was sick and crack house might be a bit overdoing it but well, it doesn't look nice around here. And I need to fix some new curtains, because the once I have looks like have been through a few wars, I have to come up with something smart (or atleast smart for being me!) since I have a lot of windows (double room alone! yey!)

Oh, the creppy pictures!

Don't get sick when you live on an island! Warning!